Where to eat the best fish and chips in Ireland

photo by Laura Bittner on Flickr

Fish and chips, the ever-popular take away food that manages to sneak its way into people’s hearts and stomachs despite being a simple dish of chips (or fries, as they are called in the US) and fish fried in batter, are not found only in the UK. While fish and chips might have become popular in 19th century London, they eventually spread out into most of the English speaking world, and in Ireland they are almost as popular as across the Irish and Celtic Seas. Fish and chips after a few pints of Guinness, or after a day of hiking and sightseeing will replenish your energy and comfort your stomach. Chippies that specialize in this yummy dish, as well as pubs and restaurants abound when it comes to lovely fish and chips, but where to get the absolute best? Here are some tips on where to eat the best fish and chips in Ireland.

McDonagh’s, Galway, Co Galway

The only way to characterize McDonagh’s is legendary. Every fish and chips fan in Ireland and the UK has heard of this chippie at the heart of Galway, where newspaper clipping on the wall stand witness to the praises earned by the famous fish and chips served here. The fish and chips at McDonagh’s are award winning, which is no surprise seeing as the menu is simply tantalizing: salmon, cod, plaice, smoked fish coated in crispy batter, accompanied by perfect chips, mushy peas, beans or coleslaw.

Lennox’s, Brandon Road, Cork, Co Cork

photo by Isabella Palatin

Lennox’s claims to be the best chippie in Ireland, and they might not be too far off the track. The boast is definitely well justified, considering their offerings in terms of fish and chips. The chips are chunky and coated in just the right amount of grease, the fish is tender and flaky, and the batter deliciously crunchy, while the side dishes are good enough to eat on their own.

Leo Burdock’s Fish and Chips, Werburgh Street, Dublin

Burdock’s is another chippie that’s eligible for the award for the best fish and chips in Ireland, and the fact that it is in Dublin’s medieval quarter just makes it better. You’ll have a hard time just deciding what kind of fish to choose, and let’s not forget that there is an entire array of side dishes and sauces to choose from as well. There’s no room to eat your fish and chips in the shop, but eating your order on a bench in the park will only make it taste better.

Donkey Fords, Cathedral Square, Limerick, Co Limerick

Donkey Ford’s is a traditional chippie in Limerick’s scenic Cathedral Square, and many aficionados consider that its fish and chips are second only to Burdock’s in Dublin. The shop front might seem shabby, but the queue of people waiting for their order at all times of the day is proof enough that the food is great. Try the battered sausages as well, they are divine!


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