What to do in Ireland in winter

photo by Jolanta Paczek

For many people, traveling in winter to countries where winter involves cold weather, rain or snow can be pretty uncomfortable. Trying to get some sightseeing done when your toes and nose are freezing off or when your shoes are in perpetual danger of being soaked in the slush is not very pleasant. Ireland’s winter weather is no wonderland, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t travel there in winter! Even if you won’t be able to run down grassy hills or enjoy a spot of sunlight outside, there are more than enough reasons that can convince you to visit the Emerald Isles in wintertime. Here are some things to do in Ireland in winter.

Visit the countryside

Sounds crazy? If you come to Ireland prepared for horrendous weather, you might be surprised. Although it might be windy and it might often drizzle, the weather never gets so cold that you can’t go outside. And the truth is that Ireland’s generally green countryside looks stunning if there’s enough snow to cover the grass. The wilderness of Connemara, for example, is simply beautiful in winter. And another great thing about Irish countryside in winter is the smell – a delicious mix of turf and wood fire.

Hit the pubs

Dublin in winter, photo by William Murphy

Pubs are pretty great any time of the year, but it summer they can get stifling, and anyway, who wants to sit in a dim pub when there’s a bit of sunshine outside? In winter, however, pubs are very cozy and warm, and also more crowded during the day. Whenever you want to warm yourself up, just go and have a plate of shepherd’s pie and a mug of strong black tea or Irish coffee in a companionable pub.

Tour Dingle Peninsula

Dingle Peninsula, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful places in Ireland, is swarming with tourists in summer. If you don’t like the crowds and want to avoid queues and fully booked accommodation, then you can head the to western coast of Ireland in winter. The weather tends to be warm, and while pubs and shops might have shorter opening hours, there’s still enough live music and fresh seafood to keep you happy and your stomach full.

Celebrate Christmas in Ireland

Ireland in winter, photo by William Murphy

Christmas in Ireland is fun-filled, boisterous, colorful affair, with festivals, events and all sorts of activities. The shops are full to the brim with perfect present material, and most of them have extended opening hours, plus the streets fill with people who on shopping sprees or simply taking in the holiday atmosphere. Visit the Killarney Christmas Festival, attend races or Christmas markets.

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