Unforgettable dolphin experience in Ireland

Fungie, the Dingle Dolphin, ©Dulup/Flickr

Into the Atlantic Ocean, there is Dingle Peninsula, which stretches 30 miles from Ireland’s south-west coast. Dingle peninsula has something incredible to offer to each visitor. Along with other things: walking routes for all abilities, sandy beaches safe for swimming, a prosperous Irish language society, excellent dining, a rich musical tradition, sea angling, colorful palette of arts, film festivals, artistic crafts persons and so on. The tourism in Dingle Peninsula it’s managed by marketing co-operative members.

1984 was the year when a cute dolphin started to appear at the Dingle Harbour. Today the most famous dolphin has remained in Dingle since, and has attracts both the local people and a nice “attraction” for visitors.


Paddy Ferriter, in 1984, as a lighthouse keeper, started to watch a lone wild dolphin escort the town’s fishing boats to and from docks. The same year in August, the manager Kevin Flannery of local Marine Ministry has officially recorded the dolphin as a “permanent” resident of the access channel and self-appointed “pilot” of the fleet.

Fungie playing, ©Dulup/Flickr

Sheila Stokes and Brian Holmes two years later investigate the cetacean enthusiasts, and this brought them to Dingle Pier and to a talk with the seamen who were entertained by the dolphin. After intensive nine months aquatic investigation, the dolphin decided to increase from a shy observer of the human visitors into a playful, though naughty, friend. Today everybody receives a special preferential treatment.

Fungie, the Dingle Dolphin

The name Fungie, was given to him by the fisherman. This is a fully-grown, middle aged, male bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops Truncatus. Weights one-quarter tone (500 lbs.), measures four meters (13 feet).

Fungie the dolphin at Dingle Harbor, ©meglet127/Flickr


Fungie is often seen taking fish in the harbor entrance. Sometimes is catching a special fish generally known as a “Garfish“, a type that had not been known up to that time as part of a dolphin’s diet. In wintertime he has to travel further afield for his sustenance.

Brosnan’s Wetsuit Hire

For anyone who is wishing to swim in the company of the dolphin, wetsuits are offered to rent in summer season. Brosnan’s wet suit to hire is available for 2 hours. Wetsuits are available in any sizes with boots, gloves, fins, snorkel and regular goggles.

Fungie, the Dingle Dolphin, ©Dulup/Flickr

Dingle Boatmen’s Association

This Dingle Boatmen’s Association formed by 8 passenger boats fully licensed and manned by skilled and qualified crews. Boats leave Dingle Pier at regular time for the period of the day, each day of the year (as weather permits) for a 1 hour cruse trip to see the wild but playful Fungie in his natural environment.

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