Top 5 secret spots in Dublin

Dublin is full of attractions, some very well known, some not as well known as they deserve, and some purposefully hidden and known only to a few initiates. If you’re the kind of tourist who fancies her/himself as a bit of an explorer, and you like discovering things that few other travelers before you have seen, then you’re probably curious about the secret spots of Dublin. Share them with your friends or keep them only to yourself: here are the top 5 secret spots in Dublin.

John Fallon’s, Coomb and New Row junction

John Fallon’s is a pub where tourists are rarely seen, which is not because the staff are unfriendly or the service is bad – quite the opposite actually. For some reason, Fallon’s has remained a Dub pub, frequented by locals. As a traditional Irish pub, it has a fair bit of the wooden decor and assorted trinkets that can’t ever miss from these sorts of pubs. The beer is good and reasonably priced, and the pub grub (nothing fancy, just soup and sandwiches) is really good.

Gallaghers Boxty House, Temple bar

For some traditional Irish food, there’s no need to visit any expensive restaurants. Gallaghers Boxty House is a pub-style restaurant which serves the healthy version of Irish dishes – they taste basically the same, but there’s some variation when it comes to the ingredients, which are supposedly healthier.

Blessington Street Basin, Blessington Street

The former reservoir on Blessington Street has been turned into a quiet spot where locals (people as well as small wild animals) can relax. The gardens were refurbished in 1994, and they are located are mere 10 minutes from O’Connell Street, and many Dubliners don’t even know about it. More than two thirds of the park is water – a portion of the Royal Canal – with a tiny island in the middle where ducks and swans take refuge.

Kilmainham Jail, Kilmainham

Not that many people think of visiting this former prison which housed some very famous inmates like Eamon de Valera, Charles Stuart Parnell or James Connolly. The prison is now a museum, and there’s a tour to the most important spots in the building, and the guide will tell you about the gruesome conditions in which the inmates were kept in the past.

Trinity College Library

Trinity College is known to have one of the most beautiful campuses in the world, but what is perhaps less known (unless you are an amateur historian) is that its library, which is not in itself one of the top 5 secret spots in Dublin,  houses one of the most prized treasures of Irish culture: the Book of Kells. This intricate, highly ornate medieval manuscript was created by Celtic monks about 800 years ago.

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