Top 5 nightlife destinations in Ireland

Temple Bar, photo by Martin King

For hardcore party people, Ireland is always associated with craic, that specifically Irish notion of fun, entertainment and good conversation. Predictably, the best place for some good, old-fashioned craic is a nightlife locale, of which there are more than enough in Ireland. Pub crawling, clubbing, dancing and drinking are activities that anyone going to Ireland should try. To experience the typical Irish joy of living, visit one of the top 5 nightlife destinations in Ireland and have fun with friends, drink and dance until you drop!

Temple Bar, Dublin

Temple Bar Square is the place where the creme de la creme of Irish pubs in Dublin can be found. This area of the Irish capital is internationally famous for having great restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and artist’s studios. Predictably, although Temple Bar is pretty lively by day, it’s after dark that it truly comes to life. Do the pub crawl in temple bar, stop for a bite to eat at a restaurant, and keep sampling the local brews in some more pubs.


Galway is not overly large, but it has a disproportionately large number of pubs, but not only because the locals love their Guinness but also because Galway has a large student population. With so many young people in the city, it’s only natural that the nightlife is also never boring. The jumble of traditional pubs, super-pubs on several stories and nightclubs is more than enough to satisfy even the most embattled party goer.


Cork is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland, so it makes sense that it should be a premier nightlife destination. A visitor to the city will never lack any things to do in the evening, and there’s hardly a pub or bar in Cork that doesn’t have its charm and positive points. For a great pub crawl, do the Barrack Street challenge – drink a pint in every pub in the street and see if you can still walk straight afterwards.


Limerick is small, but the local university whose campus is just outside the city provides plenty of students in search of fun, so the pubs and nightclubs in Limerick are never empty. There are several nightclubs in the city (Trinity Rooms is particularly fashionable with the young crowds), but more than enough traditional pubs too, and a fantastic live music scene.


Waterford is a pleasant little town with scenic houses and narrow streets, but at night it becomes a paradise for clubbers and pub goers. There are several large nightclubs in the town, such as the Forum (for the alternative crowd), Oxegen or the Foundary, as well as many cozy pubs with traditional music and traditional craic: Geoffs, T&H Doolans, Kazbar or the Tavern. Although it is small, Waterford can’t miss from the Top 5 nightlife destinations in Ireland.


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