Top 5 cheap eats in Dublin

photo by John Gibson

Dublin, as any capital city, can be a bit on the expensive side. However, its vibrant nightlife and striking attractions are too interesting to pass up, even if you find yourself worried bout your budget. But there are ways to save money while you’re in Dublin, especially when it comes to food. You won’t have to live on fast-food, quite the opposite: there are many places where you can get cheap food which is still delicious and filling. So if you get hungry in the Irish capital, here are the top 5 cheap eats in Dublin.

Hilan Chinese and Korean Restaurant, Capel Street

If you take a look at the menu of Hilan, you might be lead to think that it is a cheap restaurant with bad food, but nothing could be more different than that. The meat is top quality and the spices are exquisite, and dishes like the Kong Po chicken, or more intricate ones like the Sizzling Fish Hunan with its delicate broth, are excellent. Try the Korean barbecue, where you can take your time barbecuing the meat yourself.

Cactus Jack’s, Millenium Bridge

If you like Mexican food, you should dine a few times at Cactus Jack’s, a Mexican eatery sprawling over two floors with a rather elegant (yet friendly) atmosphere. The menu is very imaginative – definitely Mexican inspired, but it has some unusual recipes as well. There’s  quite a nice selection of dishes for vegetarians, and the service is very friendly and attentive.

Phoenix Wine Bar & Bistro, Millenium Walkway

Phoenix Wine Bar & Bistro was opened not long ago right in the middle of Dublin’s cultural district, and although it might seem a bit artsy and snobby at the first sight, it has amazing value for money. The menu is quite varied, and has something for every taste: steak and fries, pasta, pizza, vegetarian food, chicken. On weekends, it also serves breakfast.

Saagar, Harcourt Street

Some Dubliners swear that Saagar is the best Indian restaurant in the city. The serving can take long sometimes, but that’s only because every dish is made from scratch out of fresh ingredients. The interior is unique and pleasant, and the menu quite long and featuring traditional recipes as well as some modern twists.

Sinners, West Temple Bar

Sinners Lebanese restaurant has won the title of ‘best ethnic cuisine in Dublin” a few times, and yet it is still in the top 5 cheap eats in Dublin, because despite its fame it doesn’t make you pay a fortune for a small plate of food.The menu features some tantalizing dishes, and there’s an extensive wine list as well.

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