Top 5 beaches in Ireland

Being an island, Ireland obviously has quite a few choice beaches. While the infamous weather might frighten off some people, it’s not nearly as bad as the stories claim – Ireland can have brilliantly sunny days that are just perfect for a day at the beach. And even if the sky is cloudy, the beauty of Irish beaches will convince you to go at least for a walk on the shores of the Atlantic, or the Irish Sea. So for those who want some sand between their toes, here are the top 5 beaches in Ireland.


Bundoran Beach, Donegal

Donegal in general is a great place to spend a week (or two, or three) of holidays, but beach lovers and surfers will especially like the small town of Bundoran, near Ballyshannon. Bundoran beach has long been a popular destination among Irish and international surfers – it was even the location for the world surfing championships one time.  The beach itself is very pretty, and surfers keep raving about The Peak, one of the best waves in Europe.

Rossnowlagh Beach, Donegal

Rossnowlagh is a seaside resort, and its beach is nicknamed the Heavenly Cove – which is definitely an indication of its natural beauty. As expected, the beach is quite fetching, and it is also a magnet for those who enjoy dangerous sports: surfing and kite surfing. The cove is good for a swim too, and if not, for long and satisfying walks on the sandy beach.

Murvagh Beach, Donegal

If you want to avoid surfers for any reason, you’ll be pleased with Murvagh Beach, a shallow and pleasant beach in County Donegal. The water stays  at waist level for most of the day, so those who can’t swim well can enjoy the water too. There are enough sand dunes to satisfy even the most avid sand castle builder, and the beach is patrolled all summer so it is also very safe.

Fintra Beach, Donegal

Fintra is definitely one of the top 5 beaches in Ireland, what with its smooth sands and rocky outcrops – and what’s eve better, it is quite deserted most of the time. It’s not easy to get to Fintra (there’s a very rocky hill that you have to climb down, either by car or on foot), but the effort will be well rewarded. Behind the beach, there are green grassy hill and the occasional rabbit, so if you are looking for quiet, harmony and nature, this is the place to go.

Inch Beach, Kerry

Inch Beach was the filming location for several movies, which is just a proof of its natural beauty. Located between Dingle and Castlemaine Harbour, the beach is located close to these charming rural areas. The beach is quiet and surrounded by gentle grassy slopes – a great place for a quick dip or a walk.

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