Top 5 attractions in Limerick

King John`s Castle, ©Olivier Bruchez/Flickr

Limerick city is the third largest city in Ireland and it is the capital of the Mid-Western Region. It is known for its wealthy heritage and it is also filled with beautiful natural attractions and rural charisma. There you can find many accommodation options, as Clarion Hotel Suites, Patrick Punchs Hotel and Boutique Hotel. They are located in the center of the county.

The city is located along the amazing islands of the River. You will see that in Limerick you will not need a list of the best attractions because much of them lie in the personalities of Limerick’s people. After you get to know these nice people and you would like to walk, here you will find some tips on what you should not miss.

St. Mary`s Cathedral

St. Mary’s Cathedral is located at the junction of Bridge Street and Nicholas Street and it is the fortress`s ecclesiastical centre for many years ago. Here you will find a perfect documentation of the historical. There are some unique relics of the past, as the ancient altar stone, carved misericords, 21 carvings, two-legged one-horned goat, antelopes with intertwined necks, a wild boar, a griffin, an angel, a dragon biting its tail, a swan, an eagle, the Lion of Judah with a dragon and many other beautiful emblems.

St. Mary`s Cathedral, ©Lachlan & Marline/Flickr

Adare Village

If you like tales, Adare village will impress you because it looks like a fairytale. There are pretty little cottages with and rolling grassland, its pretty little cottages cluster along the main street, many with thatched roofs. In this intimate village you can find beautiful attractions, as Augustinian Priory, the Trinitarian Priory , Desmond Castle and The Franciscan Priory.

Adare Village Park, ©jmenard/Flickr

Hunt Museum

Hunt Museum is located on Rutland Street in the heart of the city and ensures home for one of the most important medieval collections in the world. Surely you will like the famous horse sculpture by Leonardo de Vinci and the amazing antiquities from pre-dynastic Egyptto Irish archaeological works by Picasso.

King John`s Castle

Our suggestion is that you need to visit King John’s Castle. The castle provides a beautiful view over the city and over its surroundings. The centre uses creative and interesting historical exhibition to tell the amazing story of the castle where costumed characters try to illustrate some of the traditions of the 16th century.

King John`s Castle, ©Olivier Bruchez/Flickr

Curraghchase Forest Park

Curraghchase Forest Park is a 313-acre beautiful park which contains a parkland, mixed woodlands and lakes. It is created the perfect habitat for plants and animals.

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