The most visited places in County Carlow

Huntington Castle, IrishFireside/Flickr

Carlow is a wonderful place to visit for a holiday break. It offers you a complete range of tourism activities and attractions. Here you can find the county’s best food, have opportunity for shopping and a lot of accommodation options to fit all budgets and sense of tastes. There are cozy motels and huge hotels completely equipped with conference hall and banqueting rooms, grants perfect setting in every occasion.

In Carlow are welcoming B&Bs and guesthouses, farmhouses, historic houses and self-catering. Surely you can choose one that is ideal for you to tour the South East of Ireland. Carlow has huge mountains, splendid countryside and glorious river valleys. This county is worth to be discovered. Those who visit this beautiful landscape will have superb holiday experience – lifting outdoor adventure, exciting shopping, traditional country life and an unforgettable cultural heritage.

Altamont Gardens

The beautiful Altamont Garden it is like a secret hidden gem. You better bring a picnic and all your family members and enjoy the richness of this amazing Garden. In this fantastic ground you can find lot of new surprises. It’s a spectacular spot to visit.

Altamont Gardens, ©jbraine/Flickr

No matter how often you visit the garden every time it looks different.  It is just changing with the seasons. It is worth to put aside just an hour for a relaxing walk through this garden.

County Museum

The County Museum from Carlow is collects, saves, conserves documents and present the country’s material culture and the history. County Museums are home for lot of historic treasures and they are centers for education and research, also sustain high standards of gathering care.

Huntington Castle

Huntington Castle, IrishFireside/Flickr

Originally it was made for a “plantation castle”. Now it is a private house.  Throughout June, July, August and September it’s open for visitors.

VISUAL Centre and the Theatre of George Bernard S.

The VISUAL Centre is one of the facilities of Ireland where is present the local, national and international modern visual art.  There is also a glorious theatre with 290 seats, a bookshop, a restaurant and a bar.

Centre of Bird of Prey and Woodlands Falconry

Bird of Prey Centre, ©tomfrogger/Flickr

The center of “Woodlands Falconry” and Birds of Prey you can find in Rathwood on the borders of Carlow and Wicklow about an hour from the city of Dublin by car. At the Bird Centre there are displayed thirty Birds, from the large and royal Golden Eagle to the tiny Owl. The Ireland’s beautiful animal is also there, the new Barn Owl chick.


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