The most unusual attractions in Ireland

Spanish Point, photo by Kevin Flanagan

Visiting quaint little towns, friendly pubs and scenic natural attractions is usually what every visitor to Ireland does when starting to discover the country. But when you’ve seen all the major attractions and you’re trying to delve deeper into the island’s culture and day to day life, it’s time to turn to sights that are more unusual than your standard fare. Ireland is full of unique places, even if sometimes they are not very easy to find. If you want to get to know the emerald island better, start by visiting some of the most unusual attractions in Ireland.

Spanish Point, Co Clare

The small village of Spanish Point on the western coast of Ireland has quite a few legends and stories to share with its visitors. The name of the place comes from a huge shipwreck  – several ships from the Spanish Armada sank near the shore during a storm in 1588. It’s said that the ‘black Irish’, Irish people with dark hair and swarthy skin, are the descendants of the Spanish sailors who survived the shipwreck Surfers come to the beach for its great waves, but Spanish Point’s main draw is its solitary atmosphere and the legends surrounding the village.

Loop Head, Co Clare

photo by Mark Waters

Loop Head is a small peninsula in County Clare which has an almost abandoned feel. Although it is located only a couple of hours from Shannon Airport, the peninsula is a hideaway known only to few people. If you wander to the far edge of the peninsula, you feel like the last person on the planet – no paths, no signs, only birds, cliffs and vegetation. You can even spend a few nights in the lightkeeper’s cottage, in perfect solitude.

Kilmore Quay, Co Wexford

The ‘old Ireland’ that some people nostalgically mention sometimes is not all lost, especially not in Kilmore Quay, where you can see for yourself what they are reminiscing of. Kilmore Quay, not far from Waterford, is a place virtually untouched by modernity, where you can go and spend a few days and relax. There is not much in terms of traditional tourist attractions, but the place is simply beautiful.

Glenveagh Castle, Co Donegal

photo by Jason Sturner

Glenveagh Castle is not your usual Irish castle with a rich history and perhaps even legends tied to its name. This castle is actually more American than Irish, since its original owner, the notoriously cruel Captain Adair, although of Irish birth, made his fortune in the United States. The castle was built in the Scottish Baronial style, and is surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens.





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