The most beautiful walking trails in Ireland

Wicklow Way

A country that is as naturally beautiful as Ireland has bound to have some equally amazing walks. It’s no wonder that people who like outdoor activities find this country so appealing. The gentle landscape of Ireland, without any impossible altitudes or much too deep valleys allows people to simply walk and admire the landscape without the need of hiking gear oexcessive effort. One of the best ways to see the natural wonders of Ireland, from well known sights to beautiful spots that don’t even have a name is by walking. So get your walking stick and a good map, and take a walk on one of the most beautiful walking trails in Ireland.

Wicklow Way, Co Wicklow

Wicklow Way is not your usual walking trail, because going to the end of it would mean several days of non-stop waling. This incredible 130 km walk across the Wicklow Mountains  can be broken down into several sections, so if you just pick a landmark on the trail you can take a walk that lasts as long as you want. The trail starts in Marley Park in Dublin and ends in Clonegal in County Carlow, and it is one of the most popular and beautiful walking trails in Ireland.

Dursey Island Loop, Co Cork

photo by globalreachent

Dursey Island on the southwestern tip of the Beara Peninsula affords one of the most interesting (and possibly windy) walks in Ireland. To get to the island you have to take the only cablecar in Ireland, and once you get there, prepare to be taken aback by the utter remoteness of the place. There are no shops or pubs on Dursey and very few inhabitants, so taking a walk on the Loop will be one of the most tranquil experiences in your life.

The Burren Way, Co Clare

The Burren Way is long (123 km) and it seems to be specially invented to display some of the best views in the Burren, which is no mean feat considering that there are so many. The walk starts at Lahinch and ends in Doolin, and on the way there are plenty of accommodation options and even transport links to major stops along the way.

The Western Way, Co Galway

photo by Graham Horn

Oughterard on the shores of Lake Corrib is the starting point of this scenic walk which will take you through the highlands of Connemara, along ruins and lakes and the habor of Killary. The route is 66 kilometers long but accommodation on the way is scarce, so be careful when planning your walk.

Inishowen Head Loop, Co Donegal

The northernmost and most remote part of Ireland has an air of mystery that you can soak up by the bucket on Inishowen Head Loop. Start your walk in the carpark on Inishowen Head and embark on a trip that will show you monuments of a time past, dramatic landscape and legendary sites.

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