The most amazing castle banquets in Ireland

Bunratty Castle, photo by Rambling Traveler on Flickr

Medieval banquets were not exactly models of sanitation and polite table manners, but anyone who has been a medieval feast depicted film or read a description of one in a book couldn’t fail to appreciate the grandeur and ceremoniousness of an event like this. Ditch the unhealthy food and add some cutlery, keep the decor and a medieval banquet suddenly doesn’t sound that bad. The old rulers and nobility of Ireland have probably partook in many a banquet in their lifetimes, and you can do the same, in a castle nonetheless. Many of the magnificent castles of the Emerald Isle organize banquets that even a low-born tourist can attend. Here are some of the most amazing castle banquets in Ireland.

Bunratty Castle Mediaeval Banquet, Co Clare

Buratty Catle Banquet, photo by IrishFireside on Flickr

The beautifully restored medieval Bunratty Castle is a unmissable destination for anyone longing for the charms of the Middle Ages (minus the dung on the street), and more than a prettily reconstructed medieval setting, the castle also regularly hosts banquets. The banquet is made more lively by actors dressed in medieval costume, traditional songs and dances, freely flowing mead and a lovely four course meal. A Queen and a King of the banquet are selected from among the guests during the meal, so don your best medieval costumes if you want to win!

Knappogue Castle, Quin, Co Clare

Knappogue Castle, photo by Joseph Mischyshyn

Knappogue Castle hosts one of the most lavish and detailed medieval banquets in Ireland, with extensive musical and dance programs that range from the early and late Middle Ages to the 20th century. Although the food served at the banquet and selection of fine wines  is certainly very alluring, it’s the entertainment that makes this banquet truly unforgettable. After the copious meal, you can take a walk through the castle’s beautiful walled garden. Don’t forget to book a place, as this banquet is pretty sought after!

Dunguaire Mediaeval Castle Banquet, Kinvara, Co Galway

Dunguaire Castle, photo by Seba Sofariu on Flickr

This scenic medieval castle located in Galway Bay in Kinvara is perhaps a lesser known attractions then some of the other castles in Ireland, but its picturesque views and tall presence make it a worthwhile destination. The medieval banquets held at the castle celebrate some of the most famous writers of Ireland, and a portion of the night’s entertainment consists of readings from the works of authors such as O’Casey, Shaw, Synge and Yates. As a literary evening and lavish feast at the same time, Dunguaire manages to offer one of the most amazing castle banquets  in Ireland.


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