The best town markets in Ireland

photo by Ardfern

One of the greatest charms of Irish towns and villages are the farmer’s markets that have been functioning for decades and even centuries. Some of these markets are located in historic areas, and you can easily imagine how they looked like in the long-forgotten past. Markets are an important part of the Irish experience, not only because they are a wonderful opportunity to be part of the day-to-day life of the locals, but also because you get to taste some of the freshest most delicious foods in the country. So here are some of the best town markets in Ireland.

The Limerick Milk Market, Limerick

Limerick’s Milk Market looks like it has been around for ages, and anytime you visit it (provided it’s during the opening hours), it is bustling with activity. The market is surrounded by ancient looking stone walls, and inside you’ll find countless little stalls arranged haphazardly. From cheeses and cured meats to enticing breads, fruit and vegetables, you can find anything here. Check out the sweets stalls for some delicious toffee and candy (we recommend the Guinness fudge).

English Market, Cork

photo by Andy Beecroft

The English Market in Cork is actually one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city, and it has been of Cork’s landmarks since its construction in 1788. The market hasn’t changed much since then, and even when it was refurbished in the 80’s, the city council kept most of the original Victorian design. The market is really diverse, and you can buy foodstuff from all over the world as well as local specialties like drisheen, spiced beef or buttered eggs.

George’s Street Arcade, Dublin

George’s Street Arcade is a shopping arcade in the center of Dublin, opened in 1881 as the first Victorian shopping arcade in the city. In 1892, the market building burned down, but it was rebuilt soon afterwards in the same style. Nowadays, there are lots of small stalls that sell everything from assorted knickknacks, trinkets, fashion accessories, specialty foods, but there’s also a Dunnes Stores and some cafes.

St George’s Market, Belfast, Northern Ireland

photo by Albert Bridge

St George’s Market is the last surviving Victorian market in Belfast, dating back to 1890. The market has quite the dreadful history, as in WWII it was used as a mortuary for a while, but by the 80’s it became a thriving market again. Nowadays, the building is primarily used as a general market, but other events are sometimes held there as well., like festivals, exhibitions and charity launches.


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