The best surfing spots in Ireland

Fab on Flickr”]With over 3500 miles of coastline, it is any surprise that Ireland, even with its infamous weather, is a great destination for those who like water sports? Although swimming might not be an option all the time, especially when the weather gets chilly and the waters of the Atlantic are too cold for a dip, but other sports on the waves are not affected at all. Ireland is an excellent destination for those who like surfing, for example, despite its lack of palm-fringed beaches and tropical weather. If you are an experience surfer or if you’re just starting to dip your toe in the water, come and try some of the best surfing spots in Ireland.

Bundoran, Co Donegal

Ask any Irish surfer what’s the best spot to ride the waves in Ireland, and they will most likely tell you that it’s Bundoran. For Irish surfers, Bundoran is like a mecca, but even surfers from other parts of the world come to this small town in Co Donegal. The rugged coast of the northwestern parts of Ireland have several beaches that have great breaks: Bondi Beach or Port Elizabeth. Bundoran has even hosted the European Surfing Championships, and there are plenty of breaks for beginners and experts alike.

Achill, Co Mayo

Achill Island, photo by Rambling Traveler

Achill Island can be pretty popular with tourists when the weather is nice, but most of the year it is known as being home to one of the best surfing beaches in Ireland. You can ride medium size waves in Achill all year round, and the best part about the area is that there is a beach in every direction of the compass, so whichever way the wind blows from, there is a place on Achill where the waves are just perfect.

Lahinch, Co Clare

Lahinch is chiefly known as a destination for golfing addicts, but those who love to surf will not be neglected either. If you are just starting to grasp the basics of surfing, the beaches of Lahinch are the perfect spot for you. There is a great variety of breaks at Lahinch and there are some very interesting reefs nearby too. Any time of the year, you can expect some great waves at Lahinch. Ask for more info at the Lahinch Surf Shop.

Easkey, Co Sligo

Easkey, photo by niallio77 on Flickr

The two breaks at Easkey in Co Sligo, Easkey Left and Easkey Right have achieved legendary status, and they are known throughout the European surfing community. Not only the breaks are great in Easkey, but the scenery is stunning too: jagged cliffs and remote beaches swept by the strong winds of the Atlantic.


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