The best spas in Ireland

Ireland is one of those countries where you can’t help but spend days (and if you have the time, weeks) just traveling from one place to another, seeing as much as you can and hunting down every single attraction you can find. And while Ireland will not bore you for a second, it can make you tired, and one of the best ways to relax your body and your mind is to go to a spa for a few days. There are lots of good spas in Ireland, so choosing the perfect one for you can be a bit difficult, but here are some of the best spas in Ireland, for those who want some me-time.

Carton House Hotel, Carton House, Maynooth, County Kildare

Located only half an hour from Dublin Airport, Carton House Hotel is the perfect end to any holiday to Ireland. The beautiful historical building, coupled with truly luxurious rooms and an excellent restaurant. There are lots of activities for guests at Carton, for example golfing (they have two great golf courses), and of course, there’s also an amazing spa, the Molton Brown spa, with lots of unique treatments and therapies.

Maryborough Hotel & Spa, Douglas, County Cork

Located in the middle of a vast park, Maryborough Hotel and Spa is definitely what you’d call unique, and one of the best spas in Ireland. The hotel is housed in a charming old building, only about ten minutes from Cork city center. In addition to an award winning restaurant, the hotel has a five-star spa which has all the ingredients for a world-class pampering session.

Galgorm Resort & Spa, Galgorm, County Antrim

County Antrim in Northern Ireland is full of natural and cultural attractions, so after you’re done sightseeing, you can take a break at Galgorm Resort and Spa, which is not only a good base for the exploration of the nearby countryside, but also a place where you can relax. The spa at Galgorm is large, idyllic and beneficial for your body and your soul.

Mount Juliet Hotel, Thomastown, County Kilkenny

Mount Juliet Hotel is one of the most splendid spas you can find anywhere. The hotel itself is a prime example of elegance and classic taste, and the spa is one of a kind. You can find unique treatments such as the toning Hibiscus Petal Wrap or the mild and healing Oshadi Envelopment.

County Arms Hotel, Birr, County Offaly

The peaceful, forest-covered grounds of County Arms Hotel are the perfect setting for a relaxing holiday for those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature without quit letting go of the comforts of modern civilization. The stylish spa at Arms Hotel is perfect for soothing and calming even the most exhausted guest.

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