The best pubs in Waterford

on Flickr”]As the oldest city in Ireland, Waterford has had plenty of time to gather a nice collection of pubs for every preference. There are more than enough cozy traditional pubs where locals gather for a few pints and a chat, as well as bustling modern pubs where music is blaring and even the pub grub comes in organic versions. Relaxing at an Irish pub is a downright compulsory experience for anyone visiting Ireland, and if you’re in Waterford you can rest assured that you will find some of the finest drinking establishments in the country. So if you’re thirsty, hungry, or just curious about what the locals have to say, hit some of the best pubs in Waterford.

Geoff’s, John’s Street

The alternative crowd of Waterford can be seen in all its glory at the artsy Geoff’s pub on John’s Street, where the music is good and loud, and the decor is quaint and relaxed enough that anyone can feel at ease. The pub tends to be very crowded in the evening, so don’t be surprised if you don’t find a seat after 8 PM. The food is quite good, and smokers can indulge in their vice in a sheltered and heated area.

T & H Doolans, George’s Street

photo by AnnieGreenSprings on Flickr

For a stint in an authentic Irish pub, have a few drinks at T & H Doolans, where you can listen to traditional music (fiddle, traditional drums and the whole shebang), drink strong Irish draughts and eat a few slices of shepherd’s pie. The atmosphere of the pub is exceptional, and although it might seem a bit too touristy, it is actually rather off the beaten nightlife track and very enjoyable.

Downse’s Pub

Downse’s Pub is a pub like no other, and you won’t find anything similar anywhere else in the city, perhaps not in the entire country. There is no music, and the only sounds in the pub is the muddle of conversations. You won’t even hear a phone ringing, since putting your phone in silent mode is one of the pub’s unwritten rules. If you wondered what Irish pubs were like at the turn of the century, this is your chance to find out – and you’ll love every second of it!

Jack Meades

photo by Marcus Spaapen on Flickr

Jack Meades is definitely the most unusual, and best pubs in Waterford – not even located in the city proper, actually. The pub can be found under a bridge in Halfway House, an area a few kilometers outside of Waterford. The pub dates back to the early 1700’s, and it was a stop for travelers going from Waterford to Passage East. Parts of the decor seemed to have stayed the same over the centuries, and the entire package is charming beyond belief.

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