The best outdoor activities in Ireland

Co Mayo, photo by sedoglia on Flickr

Going to Ireland and spending all your time holed up in a pub is a much better idea than it might sound at first, because this is who you get to hear all the best stories, eat all the best food and meet all the best people. But on the other hand, the heart and soul of Ireland doesn’t lie only in its culture ad its people, but also in its nature. Ireland’s landscapes are famous: vibrantly green hills, scenic riversides, craggy mountains, stunning cliffs. Whenever the weather allows it, Ireland is a paradise for people who love the outdoors. If you prefer being out and about rather than with a roof over your head, here are some of the best outdoor activities in Ireland.

Seaweed foraging in Cork

Throughout Ireland’s history, seaweed has been used for a variety of purposes in the counties on the coast: for fertilization, medicinal purposes and even as food. As with many Irish traditions and practices, the love of seaweed is beginning to resurface and people find more and more ways to use it. Foraging for seaweed is becoming quite popular in Co Cork, and it is a fun way to spend some time kayaking on remote islands and bays.

Biking in Co Mayo

Donegal, photo by nicksarebi on Flickr

Co Mayo is somewhat neglected in comparison with the more touristy areas of Ireland like Kerry or Cork, but it is not without charm, quite the contrary! There is a lot of wilderness in Co Mayo, and few tourists ever come out to the Mayo countryside, so rent a bike and explore to your heart’s content. The Great Western Greenway is one of the best routes, running from Newport to Muranny.

Fishing in Donegal

In the past, fishing used to be one of the staple industries of Donegal, but today few communities manage to live off fishing. But some people in the village of Creevy had the brilliant idea of making money by letting others fish. You can stay at a traditional restored cottage and take day trips on boat to catch your dinner. The old fishing boats of the locals can also be rented, or booked for guided tours.

Kayaking in Kerry

Co Kerry, photo by sedoglia on Flickr

The appeal of Co Kerry needs no more explaining – after all, it has been one of the most popular tourist destinations since Victorian times! You can explore Co Kerry however you see fit: on bike, by car or even on foot if you want to camp out in the wild. But one of the most exciting activities you can do in Kerry is kayaking on the loughs and rivers.


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