The best live music pubs in Ireland

Roisin Dubh pub in Galway, photo by Brian Shelly on Flickr

There are many kinds of pubs in Ireland, but there are very few pubs that don’t have some music for their guests entertainment. Whether it’s the newest hits, oldies but goldies or traditional Irish music, pubs will have some kind of sound in the background. But in many pubs, music is more than just a buzz that you hear in between conversations, and it becomes part of the pub’s identity. This is why pubs where there’s live music is played are the most popular types of pub in Ireland. A pub with a live band instantly becomes more cozy, welcoming and friendly, especially if the music is goof. So sample the best parts of Irish nightlife by visiting some of the best live music pubs in Ireland.

The Pavilion Bar, Cork, Co Cork

Cork is famous for its many awesome pubs, but the Pavilion Bar is not only one of the highlights of Cork City’s nightlife, but also one of the best live music pubs in Ireland. This pub located in the Huguenot part of the city features live acts almost every night, and when there is no music, there are comedy acts. The music ranges from traditional Irish to ska, and from small local acts to up and coming Irish bands.

Eamonn Doran’s, Dublin

Dublin’s live music scene is very lively and diverse, but Eamonn Doran’s is by far the best place to go for live music when you’re in the Irish capital. Although Temple Bar is lined with tourist traps, Eamonn Doran’s is the real deal, a live music pub that caters to both locals and travelers.

Dolan’s Pub, Limerick, Co Limerick

Dolan’s is already a legend in Limerick, both because it is one of the most authentic looking (and authentic) pubs in the city, but also because it frequently has live acts and supports the local music scene. It’s not unusual for the more musical guests of the pub to wax into impromptu sessions, but there are also open acoustic sessions organized by the pub.

The Roisin Dubh, Galway City, Co Galway

The Roisin Dubh is without a doubt the queen of live music pubs in Galway, and in fact it has built for itself quite a reputation among Irish pubs from all over the country. The Dubh was the venue for gigs by some pretty famous singers and bands, for example Ray Manzarek, John Paul Jones and Steve Earle.

The Seahorse Tavern, Waterford

The Seahorse Tavern was created for people who love food and music. The food served at the Seahorse is some of the best in Waterford and quite affordable, and there are live acoustic bands playing at the pub every weekend. A must for anyone who wants to plunge into the nightlife of Waterford.

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