The best literary attractions in Dublin

Dublin Writers Museum, photo by William Murphy

Writers are often pictured as living from hand to mouth and struggling to get published, and while it might be true that writers have it hard in some parts of the world, Ireland can be said to be a bit of a writer’s paradise. In a country where writers and artists get tax exemption, it only makes sense that literature thrives in every possible way. Those who know how to spin a good tale are not a rarity in Ireland, and neither are the places that can be qualified as ‘literary’ – places for writers to congregate, to display their work and even museums dedicated to the craft of writing. So if you’re visiting the Irish capital, you shouldn’t miss out on the best literary attractions in Dublin, the home town of writers like James Joyce, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde or G.B. Shaw.

Dublin Writers Museum

Dublin has a great little museum dedicated to writers, opened two decades ago in Parnell Square. The museum is located in an 18th century house, and its purpose is to promote Irish literature and to promote the works of Irish authors. Although the museum focuses on the works of famous authors, it also acts as a link to living Irish writers and the international literary scene.

Abbey Theater

Abbey Theater, photo by bjaglin

If you’re more into theater than prose, you should check out Abbey Theater, one of the most famous writer’s theaters in Ireland. Abbey Theater launched the careers of many Irish writers, and some of the plays performed here caused quite a stir in their days.

James Joyce Tower and Museum

James Joyce loved Dublin deeply, and Dublin hasn’t been indifferent to him either. The James Joyce Tower is a must-see attraction for those who admire the work of this famous author, as it has on display some of Joyce’s possession as well as various memorabilia associated with Ulysses, his masterpiece.

Temple Bar Book Market

Temple Bar Book Market, photo by Barnacles Hostels

If you are a literature aficionado, you should spend at least part of your Saturday browsing through the book stalls at the junction of Temple Bar at Temple Bar square. Bookworms will find themselves in their element, as many of the people selling books are literature geeks too and always up for a chat.

Trinity College

Trinity College’s library is home to the most famous book in Ireland, the Book of Kells, a beautifully illustrated Latin manuscript of religious text. While you can only admire a few pages of the book at a time, it is a splendid example of Western calligraphy capable of melting the heart of any book lover, so no wonder that it is one of the best literary attractions in Dublin.

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