The best hotels in Killarney

photo by tympsy on Flickr

Most cities, towns or villages in Ireland have at least some appeal to tourists, even if they’re not even trying to attract visitors. In Killarney’s case, however, every little thing that you think like was made to feel you good, probably was made to feel you good. For over two centuries, Killarney has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland, thanks to the postcard perfect scenery surrounding it (the famed Ring of Kerry, Killarney National Park), and the tidy and picturesque streets where no sign of artifice can be found (the storefronts of Killarney are very strictly regulated to avoid any inauthentic looking facades). In short, you’re not a proper tourist in Ireland unless you’ve visited Killarney, and once you get there, you’ll see that the hype really is true. So if you’ve decided to visit this little piece of Irish heaven, here are the best hotels in Killarney where you can spend the night.

Killarney Court Hotel, Tralee Road

photo by Olivier Bruchez

Killarney Court Hotel is one of the most superb hotels in town, and it is excellently located 15 minutes from the airport. Each of the one hundred-something rooms are tastefully decorated in a neo-gothic style, and features all the facilities a tired traveler could wish for. Killarney Court Hotel is a trip into the world of high-class Ireland, with little semblance of the rural bliss that Killarney might project – jacuzzi pools, steam rooms and beauty therapies.

The Sugan

You won’t find any towering luxury hotels in the center of Killarney, which is just as well. In exchange, there’s a selection of small, cozy and incredibly friendly small hostels in town where backpackers can rest their tired foot for affordable prices. The Sugan has walls covered with eclectic pictures, a nice common rooms where you can socialize with the other guests and the owners, and a nearby pub. Downtown Killarney is a few minutes’ walk away.

Friars Glen Country House

photo by Olivier Bruchez on Flickr

Friars Glen Country House is a haven of piece who don’t necessarily want to get caught up in rhythm of the city. The House is located at the heart of Killarney National Park, in a 30 acre estate, only 4 kilometers from the city and as such a perfect base of exploration for the national park, Muckross House and Muckross Abbey, Inisfallen Island and Torc Waterfall.

The Malton

The Malton is the cream of the crop of all Killarney hotels, but you have to be prepared to shell out a substantial sum if you want to partake of its delights. The Malton has been the most famous in the area since 1854, and it is located in the middle of a beautiful garden in Killarney town. You can have your pick of classically decorated/hip rooms, dine at the fancy hotel restaurant or use the wellness and leisure facilities.

The Grand Hotel, Main Street

photo by Olivier Bruchez on Flickr

The Grand Hotel is splat at the heart of the city center, which is an excellent location for those who want to spend their evenings out in the pubs or dining late. In fact, if you want to party you don’t have to go far, as the hotel’s bar features live entertainment every night, seven days a week. For party-goers, the Grand Hotel is definitely one of the best hotels in Killarney.

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