The best horseback riding tours in Ireland

Donegal, photo by nicksarebi on Flickr

The charm of the Emerald Isle lies not only in its picture perfect villages and towns, or in its bustling cities, but also in its stunning natural beauty. There are few places on the planet where the countryside is easier to reach, easier to explore or closer to the hearts of people. The lush beauty of Ireland  is the prefect setting for hikes and walks, and of course, horse rides. If you like horses, then galloping though a meadow, down the side of a hill or on a verdant field is a must-try experience while you’re in Ireland. Irish horses are world famous and much sought after, and there is no better way to get a taste of authentic Ireland than taking some of the best horseback riding tours in Ireland.

West Coast Trail, Donegal

Sligo, photo by 2Tales on Flickr

Co Donegal is one of the most isolated and unique parts of Ireland, liked to the rest of the country only through a narrow border with Co Leitrim. Although Donegal is the fourth largest county in Ireland it is also one of the most sparsely populated ones, and if you are longing for riding trails that take you on unspoiled natural trails, then you will most definitely find them in Donegal. There are several great trails in Donegal, on forest and bog paths, small country roads and walks along the coast, next to the sea.

Atlantic Coast Trail, Co Sligo

The Atlantic Coast Trail is an incursion into the countryside that W.B. Yeats immortalized in his verse. The trail allows you to see some of the most picturesque spots in Co Sligo. The paths through mountains, valleys, forests and on beaches in lovely, but the some of the highlights of these trails are historical and cultural. Spend the night in Sligo at a cozy inn or hotel, or live it up by staying in the lavish rooms of Marktree Castle.

Dingle Peninsula Trail

Connemara, photo by sedoglia on Flickr

Dingle Peninsula and the village of Dingle are some of the most visited attractions in Ireland, and although they have some delightful cultural and historical attractions, the chief charm of this trail is the natural beauty of the scenery. Riding on the beaches of Dingle is a very popular activity for tourists who come to the region.


Connemara has some of the most hauntingly beautiful as well as lonely landscapes on the Emerald Isle, and there are countless opportunities to explore these lands on horseback. You can take a day trip on horseback and see some choice spots, or even spend an entire week in the saddle. The rough terrain and the bogs of Connemara don’t always make for easy rides, but with a knowledgeable local guide on your side, Connemara is the place for some for some of the best horseback riding tours in Ireland.

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