The best St Patrick's Day parades in Ireland

The best St Patrick’s Day parades in Ireland

Although there are lots of awesome holidays in Ireland when you can experience the tradition of having some craic, there's no better time of the year to have fun the Irish way than St Patrick's Day. The holiday dedicated to all things Irish is celebrated all around the world where there are Irish communities (and even some places where there are no Irish to speak of!), but if you want to have a genuine St Paddy's Day then you have to go directly to the source. Irish parades on St Patrick's D... [ read more ]

A traveler's guide to Irish public holidays

A traveler’s guide to Irish public holidays

There are quite a few holidays in Ireland, and not all of them religious. The Irish people simply love their holidays, especially if a holiday means that people get a day off. For travelers, however, public holidays can be a double edged sword. On the one hand, there are some holidays that entail huege parades, celebrations and parties - these are the best when you are visiting Ireland. However, other holidays are just so that the average Irish working person or student can catch their breat... [ read more ]