The traveler's guide to Blarney Castle

The traveler’s guide to Blarney Castle

The small town of Blarney eight miles north of Cork would be your run of the mill Irish town whereyou can spend your days walking the countryside, enjoying the local cuisine, and the brews in the pub. But Blarney has one very important thing that sets it apart from other towns: the famous Blarney Castle, a medieval stronghold that became one of the celebrated attractions in Ireland. Whoever comes to visit County Cork inevitably ends up at Blarney Castle, either to revel in the historical atm... [ read more ]

A tour of Ireland's historical landmarks

A tour of Ireland’s historical landmarks

First time visitors to Ireland are always stricken by the country's natural beauty, which doesn't lose any of its appeal regardless of season. The famous Irish joy of living, their propensity for the craic and the friendly and inviting traditional pubs can make any holiday to Ireland unforgettable. For for those who are interested in more than a cursory survey of the Emerald Isle, there are some places that must be seen in order to understand more about Ireland. Irish landmarks are always ti... [ read more ]

Top 5 things to do in Cork

Top 5 things to do in Cork

The Irish countryside and the small villages or towns scattered over it offer many things to do for an enterprising traveler, but still, it's the larger cities that just won't let you be bored for a second, even if you tried. As the second largest city in Ireland, Cork is up on the same level as Dublin when it comes to things to do to keep you busy (although both Dubliners and Corkonians will disagree on this subject). Whether you're a solo traveler, traveling with a group of friends or with... [ read more ]