Must visit Dublin festivals in 2013

Moment from Dublin Horse Show

Dublin Horse Show Irish Jaunt/Flickr

If there was ever a best time to visit Dublin – or Ireland in general – than it is 2013. With the ongoing events framed by the Gathering Ireland the capital hosts hundreds of events throughout the year – there is no activity you can possibly imagine that will not be present.

The video below might give you an idea of how varied and colorful festivals of Dublin in 2013 are and I will also try to gather some of what I would surely love visit, please let us know in the comment section if you have your own favorite Dublin festival.

Music in the Park

If you go to Wolfe Tone Park or Herbert Quay on Wednesdays and Fridays you can enjoy the free open air concerts of many different jazz bands through the end of August. If you prefer something more posh and elegant, go to the Civil Offices Park for performances of opera on Thursdays, again, during lunchtime.

Temple Bar’s Chocolate Festival

This is probably the best Dublin festival from this list – an ode to chocolate. Throughout the month of July events such as chocolate related movies, tasting, chocolate related literary exploration and chocolate carnival will be included in the repertoire of the Chocolate Festival – a true celebration of the noble cocoa bean.

Dublin Horse Show

Moment from Dublin Horse Show

Dublin Horse Show ©Irish Jaunt/Flickr

There are basically two main attraction factors to this prestigious show jumping competition, one is naturally the wonderful horses and their world famous riders and the other is the high-profile visitors that come watching the show: businessmen, aristocracy, celebrities, whatever you want… The show does not only offer some of the richest prices, but also the world famous Aga Khan cup.

Festival of World Cultures

Taking place in venues throughout the whole city of Dublin, the Festival of World Cultures is meant to bring together people and to help attendees understand the customs, traditions and art of other nations.  There will be more than 50 participating countries and the events will be really interesting and fun.

Dublin Theater Festival

Gaiety Theater in Dublin

Gaiety Theater in Dublin ©informatique/Flickr

On the menu of the capital’s cultural events since 1957, Dublin Theater Festival is one of the main appeals of the city in September and October. The theater venues are all busy presenting world class performances and the best of the Irish Theater but it is highly recommended that you book well in advance as the city will be full of art lovers.

So what do you say? Which of the must visit Dublin festivals would you like to  attend the most?

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