Mill Times Hotel in Westport under $80

The Mill Times Hotel

The Mill Times Hotel

Ireland is a very attractive tourist destination. If your next holiday destination is Ireland, I recommend you to check the following hotel deal we found. It is a 3-star hotel in Westport, offering rooms under $80 a night. This price is available for instance for the check-in date of April 1, 2014 and check-out date of April 2, 2014, offered by You can choose other dates, too, but prices may vary.

You can book your stay if you use this box below. You can also compare the price with the prices offered by other merchants.

Hotel amenities

The 3-star Mill Times Hotel in Westport offers rooms under $80 per night. The hotel is situated on Mill Street, in the Town Centre. Among the hotel amenities are the following: restaurant, free parking, bar/lounge, free high-speed internet, room service, kids activities, suites, elevator, meeting rooms, wedding services and so on.

Mill Times Hotel - prices by partners

Mill Times Hotel – prices by partners

Hotel rooms and room facilities

There are a range of rooms to suit all budgets in this hotel, including deluxe rooms, double & single bedded rooms, twin rooms and double rooms for sole use boasting queen size beds. All bedrooms are en-suite Among the room facilities are the following: all rooms and equipped with direct dial telephone, TV, iron/ironing board and trouser press, tea/coffee making facilities and wireless internet access.

Prices are provided by partners for one room, based on double occupancy and do NOT include all taxes and fees.

Mill Times Hotel under $80 pn – deal summary:

Price: under $80 per night

Taxes and fees: not included

Destination: Westport

Book by: subject to sellout

Travel Dates: check-in – April 1, 2014; check-out – April 2, 2014 (other dates are also available)

Length of stay: 1 night

Hotel name: Mill Times Hotel

Hotel rating: 3-star

Extras: free parking

Class of service: economy



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