Great Gatherings all over Ireland in 2013

Peoples Parade in Dublin

Peoples Parade in Dublin

The Irish have come up with a new fun idea, the Gathering, a collection of all the festivals and events that take place in the country throughout the country. They include everything from clan reunions through open weddings (where everyone is invited) to the weirdest festivals the Irish can come up with.

You can see all the great Gatherings all over Ireland in 2013 in one place so you can decide which one to visit or if you already have a planned vacation to the country, see all the gatherings taking place in your destination. Watch the video for a little foretaste.

A taste of the Gathering

You can check all the great events of Ireland in one place. For instance, have you ever heard about the RedHead Convention? A wonderful, fun festival celebrating redheads and at the same time raising money for the Irish Cancer Society. In 2013 it is organized in Crosshaven, Co. Cork – August 23 – 25. You’ve never seen so many redheads in one place…

Redhead Convention in Ireland

Group at the Redhead Convention ©

Ballymoe, Co. Galway, or The Town of 1,000 Beards will attempt to break the World Record of the largest number of men with beards in the same place. There will naturally be beard competitions for the different styles and cuts as well as loads of other events for the whole family on the last weekend of June.

The Gathering includes all sorts of events. Clan reunions – family members coming home from all over the world – with chieftain election must be really special. But if you want something more fun, visit Castletownroche during August 2 – 5 for the TedFest dedicated to ‘Father Ted’, Ireland’s most beloved sitcom about 3 priests.

More about the Gathering

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of events organized in Ireland throughout one year? Browse them all and find the ones you like or the ones nearest your location, you can easily find all the ones you like.

Peoples Parade in Dublin

Peoples Parade in Dublin

Irish or international dance and music festivals, drinking festivals, heritage events and gatherings and everything you can possibly think about. If you haven’t already put Ireland on the top of your ‘next to visit’ list, it is high time to do that! Make a list of the gatherings you would like to attend, book your flight to Dublin go, as you heard in the video, they have reserved you a seat!

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