Dublin on a budget

Ireland is often regarded as a rather expensive country, and while there might be some noticeable price differences between Ireland and other countries in Europe, that does by no means mean that you cannot visit Ireland on a budget. Dublin, the Irish capital, is particularly infamous for being tough on the wallet, but as with other destinations, if you choose wisely where you stay and where you shop, you can save quite a lot of money. Having great craic in the Irish capital for little money is not impossible, and here are some tricks that can help you spend a holiday in Dublin on a budget.


Usually, the priciest part of the travel arrangements is the trip to Dublin. If you are flying from another European city to Dublin, you will most likely find a cheap fare with Ryanair, an Irish low cost air airline. Once you’re there, public transport is not always going to be a huge help in getting around, because despite recent improvements, it isn’t as good as that of other European cities. However, visitors shouldn’t really be affected by this, because the city center can be easily explored on foot, and if you don’t mind cycling through traffic, bikes are a handy way of getting outside the city center. You can easily rent a bike for 3 days or several hours through the Dublin Bikes scheme, which has about 40 stations around the city – three days coast about as much as a bus ticket.


Accommodation in hotels can cost a bit much, but there are plenty of hostels in the city center, as Dublin is quite popular with backpackers and young travelers. Most hostels have dorm-type accommodation and they cost about 20 euro per night. Many cheap hostels are clustered around the city’s  main bus station, Busaras. If you are planning to camp, you won’t have too many camping grounds to choose from. Camac Valley Caravan and Camping Park in Clondalkin is the closest to the city.


There is no shortage of free attractions in Dublin, so you can quite easily fill a week of sightseeing with them, but if you are interested in attractions that require you to pay, you can save money by getting a Dublin Pass, which will grant you entry to numerous major attractions, plus a free airport transfer and even some discounts to several restaurants.

Food and drinks

photo by HarshLight

Cheap food in Dublin is easily found in fast-foods, but if hamburgers are not your thing, you can try some pub grub, which is much better than it sounds. Pubs serve simple meals like soups and shepherd’s pie, and if you go during the happy hour you will likely get a discount on food as well. You should also try a fish and chips shop, where portions are usually huge and not very expensive.

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