County Tipperary: a tourist paradise

Poulakerry Castle in Tipperary, photo by Humphrey Bolton

Tipperary is one of the most famous counties in Ireland, subject of tales and songs, and that’s simply because it is so beautiful that even other Irish counties have to admit it. Tipperary is a large-ish county in central Ireland, in the scenic Shannon Region. Beautiful towns and picturesque villages make Tipperary a delight for the urban traveler, but its natural attractions are nothing to scoff at either. Tipperary is rife with all sorts of historical attractions, many interesting pubs even in the smallest villages, and a countryside that begs for walks. Here is a guide to County Tipperary: a tourist paradise.


Cahir, photo by Sarah777

County Tipperary has a well developed transport system, with extensive roads crisscrossing the area, railways and bus operators with good schedules. Tipperary town is the largest urban area in the county, and a good base for the exploration of the best of the region. Limerick Junction railway station is located only 4 kilometers from Tipperary town, if you choose to travel by train, but Bus Eireann operates bus services to the smaller towns in the area as well and some of the villages too.

Towns and villages

Cahir is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the county, thanks to the castle of the same name located near the town. Tipperary town is another great destination in the county, especially since it serves as an excellent base of exploration for the whole regions, and besides, it has quite a few attractions on its own as well as the liveliest nightlife in the county. Thurles is a pretty little town with a lot of activities for travelers with itchy feet, and famous for the locally known preserves. Even if a town doesn’t necessarily have any traditional tourist attractions, taking a drive or a bus tour of Tipperary’s towns and villages is a great way to take a peek into day-to-day Irish life.


Rock of Cashel, photo by Mike Searle

County Tipperary is home to some of the most famous attractions in Ireland, like the Rock of Cashel for example. The town of Cashel and the impressive ruined castle towering over it have been the seat of the high kings of Ireland in the past, and they are visited by thousands of people every year. Cahir Castle and the Swiss Cottage in Cahir are not quite as well known, but certainly worth visiting. For natural wonders, visit the Glen of Aherlow (which can rival with even the most picturesque views in Killarney), the Galtee Mountains and the Lough Derg area.  Without the shadow of a doubt, County Tipperary is a tourist paradise that caters to all tastes.

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