Best accommodation options in Ireland- an Irish summer holiday

A guesthouse in Sandhill, ©kukacbastique/Flickr

A guesthouse in Sandhill, ©©bastique/Flickr

In the country of Ireland you might not be able to enjoy a lot of sunshine, but when the summer time comes you should better make use of it. The beautiful Ireland is an ideal getaway for a relaxing and stress free holiday. Visit and walk along the sandy or rocky beaches and enjoy a cold beverage in the pubs.

It is said that Connemara as an example is one of the most iconic holiday locations in Ireland for its wild and amazing landscapes, its culture and heritage, flora and fauna and of course the people dwelling in it. Visit and discover Ireland and see it for yourself!

General options

In Ireland there are several accommodation options to suit everyone’s tastes. If you like the countryside there are cozy hideaways for you. Are you a big fan of the city life and downtown luxury hotels? There’s accommodation for you too. Choose from the star rated hotel and other accommodation options around Ireland and enjoy a lovely vacation together with your friends or family.

Dromoland Castle, ©katedubya/Flickr

Dromoland Castle, ©katedubya/Flickr

A unique accommodation option

Make your holiday perfect and unforgettable by choosing a unique place to stay, such as an Irish guesthouse. Guesthouses can be more intimate and special where you can truly get away from everyday stress and the crowds. Try the hospitality of the Irish and have the time of your life on your holiday in Ireland.

A guesthouse in Sandhill, ©bastique/Flickr

A guesthouse in Sandhill, ©©bastique/Flickr

Personalized accommodation

Among the many kinds of accommodation options there are the ones with self-catering. Here you are the one in charge! All over Ireland you can find several places where you are not forced to eat something you might not like, but you have many options to choose from. Make your holiday more enjoyable by choosing a self-catering accommodation. This can be a better choice especially for families with children. Rent an apartment, find a hostel, settle down in a holiday camp or caravan park and cook your favorite meals when you are on vacations.

Dempsey House Hostel, ©Joye~/Flickr

Dempsey House Hostel, ©Joye~/Flickr

Bed and breakfast

Experience the most traditional and authentic kind of accommodation option in Ireland, the B&B. Lay down your head in a cozy bed and enjoy a full breakfast in the morning before you set out to see the town or go out to the beach. If all of the above still don’t seem flattering you can still choose an atmospheric historic house or rent a room in one of the pubs and restaurants.

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