A guide to solo travel in Ireland

Adare, Co Limerick

Traveling alone is never easy, but almost always rewarding. You might feel lonely, even bored sometimes and there’s no one to help you out when you’re in pinch, but on the other hand it is a great way to learn that you can rely on yourself and to build not only character, but also new friendships. And if you’re going to travel solo, then Ireland is not a bad choice. The country is beautiful and you will never find yourself without something to do or visit, and it is also quite a safe place if you exercise common sense. If you’re still not sure what to expect when visiting the Emerald Isle alone, here’s a guide to solo travel in Ireland.

Keep Safe

The chief concern of a solo traveler should me safety. Since you don’t have any traveling companions to have your back if something should happen, a solo traveler must take more precautions than a group. In Ireland, although there aren’t any particular dangers you should look out for, you still have to keep a eye out. Wandering in the streets after most pubs closes is generally not a great idea, and you should find out which areas of your destination are not safe at night. Although crime is not more widespread in Ireland than in other Western European countries, instances of violence can occur, but usually there are ‘local legends’ about the places to be avoided (if locals mention ‘Stab road’ or a similar street name, for example, the name is probably justified to some degree).

Chasing away the solo blues

One of the best things about Ireland is that there are many backpackers and solo travelers around, so if you decided that you want to scratch the ‘solo’ part of your trip for a while, it’s ridiculously easy to find traveling companions. Hostels are a great place to find people heading in the same direction as you, especially if you are set on visiting the major sights of the country. Another option is to sign up for a singles tour and enjoy the company of other solo travelers, but the downside is that you won’t be able to pick your destinations. However, there are lots of singles tours that have great itineraries in any corner of Ireland you wish to see.

Ireland is a top destination for solo travelers, especially those who are embarking on their first solo trip, because people find the country very friendly. The most important thing when traveling alone is to feel comfortable, and Ireland has a way of putting everyone at ease, whether you’re visiting the stunning countryside, or if you’re huddling in a pub, hiding from the rain. The point of most guides to solo travel in Ireland is this: just do it!

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