A guide to shopping in Galway

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The old name of Galway is the City of Tribes, and it couldn’t be more appropriate in the present day. Galway is one of the most multicultural, vibrant and many-faceted cities in Ireland. You’d have to try hard to get bored in Galway, because there’s always something to do in town, at any time of the day. The city is located at the heart of one of the most beautiful regions in Ireland, it has quite a few really great pubs and restaurants, and more historical and cultural attractions you can find. And if you’ve got money to burn, then Galway is the place to do it. Spending money in Ireland has never been more pleasant anywhere than in Galway, so here’s a guide to shopping in Galway.

The pedestrian area

The decently sized pedestrian area of Galway captures the charm of an Ireland of the olden days, free of the noise and smoke of cars, and where taking a walk in the afternoon was a must.But the area made up of William Street, Shop Street, High Street, Mainguard Street and Quay Street, despite their old-fashioned architecture, are home to countless shops ranging from the extremely high-class to more modest craft shops and souvenir boutiques, and more than enough pubs and restaurants, should you want to take a break from shopping

Middle Street

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Middle Street runs parallel to Shop Street, and it is the place to find all sorts of interesting local business that sell all sorts of things that make wonderful souvenirs. Stop by the Two Lanes Gallery and buy some miniature watercolor paintings, and then head to Charlie Byrnes, a cozy bookshops with new and second hand books where you are welcome to browse as long as you want.

Galway Market

Galway Market has been a center for trade in the city for centuries, and it is doing better than ever. You can satisfy your cravings for fresh produce, specialty foods and crafts alike at this bustling market located in Church Lane. The market is a great place for a bite to eat (you can find curry, sushi, crepes, handmade chocolates), as well as great gifts.

Eyre Square Centre

photo by Trish Steel

The downside of having large modern shopping centers in small, historical towns like Galway is that they completely ruin the atmosphere, but that’s not the case with Eyre Square Center, which is hidden behind the facade of a historical building. The shopping center hosts more than sixty local and national stores, and it has a comfortable and friendly atmosphere that won’t let you leave very soon.

Galway Shopping Center

No guide to shopping in Galway could exclude Galway Shopping Center, the largest shopping center west of Shannon, and it fulfills all the requirements for a major shopping experience. You can find the usual clothing and footwear shops, eateries, bookshops and media shops. The shops usually close at 6 PM, except on Thursday and Friday when they’re open until 9.

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