4 star Dingle Skellig Hotel for $158

Dingle Skellig Hotel - dining

Dingle Skellig Hotel – dining

Are you planning to visit the beautiful country of Ireland? It is one of the most beautiful countries of Western Europe, being very attractive among tourists. In case you are planning your visit to Dingle for this spring, I recommend you to make a reservation at the fantastic 4-star Dingle Skellig Hotel. It is one of the best hotels of Dingle

You can stay for a night for only $158. This price is available for the check-in date of April 1, 2014 and check-out date of April 2, 2014, offered by expedia.com. You can choose other dates, too, but prices vary depending on travel dates and partners.

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Hotel location and amenities

The fantastic 4-star Dingle Skellig Hotel offers rooms for $158 a night. The hotel is situated on Annascaul Road, Dingle Bay, offering excellent views over the bay. The total name of the hotel is Dingle Skellig Hotel & Peninsula Spa. Among the amenities of the hotel are: restaurant, free parking, suites, free high-speed internet, wheelchair access, room service, swimming pool, fitness center, wedding services and so on.

Dingle Skellig Hotel - prices by partners

Dingle Skellig Hotel – prices by partners

Hotel rooms and room facilities

There are totally 113 rooms in this hotel, including the following room types: Standard Room, Superior Room, Superior Queen Room, Junior Suite, Executive Suite and Presidential Suite. Choose any of these and have an unforgettable stay at this amazing luxury hotel!

The hotel awaits its guests with the Coastguard Restaurant, the Blaskets Bar or Cocktail Lounge and the fantastic Gallarus Lounge.

Prices are provided by partners for one room, based on double occupancy and do NOT include all taxes and fees.

Dingle Skellig luxury hotel – deal summary:

Price: for $158 per night

Taxes and fees: not included

Destination: Dingle

Book by: subject to sellout

Travel Dates: check-in – April 1, 2014; check-out – April 2, 2014 (other dates are also available)

Length of stay: 1 night

Hotel name: Dingle Skellig Hotel

Hotel rating: 4-star

Extras: free parking, free high-speed internet, wheelchair access

Class of service: luxury

Provider: tripadvisor.com


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