10 things you didn’t know about Dublin

Dublin is certainly not the biggest capital city in Europe, but it is not devoid of mysterious charm, and it likes to keep its secrets well hidden. Even after you’ve combed through the city several times, you might still find that there are things about Dublin that you didn’t know. The beauty of Dublin lies in the fact that it has many sides and it doesn’t reveal all of them at once, but if you’re patient, you might feel like you know it like the palm of your hand – that is, until you find out another one or 10 things you didn’t know about Dublin.

1. The best shepherd’s pie

Dublin is hardly a culinary capital, but the shepherd’s pie is serious business in the Irish capital – it’s probably the best in the world.

2. Temple Bar is not a tourist trap

Usually the most popular spots in the city quickly become tourist traps with inflated prices, but that’s not the case with Temple Bar, where you can find plenty of locals and no extraordinary prices.

3. The largest park in Europe

Phoenix Park is the largest city park in Europe, and even after walking for hours through it, most likely you will still have some park left to explore.

4. The weather really is bad

Irish weather is notoriously bad, and this is not just a myth invented to scare away tourists. On the bright side, the city looks great even when the sky is cloudy, and there are more then enough indoor attractions to keep you busy.

5. There aren’t that many pubs

Although Dublin sounds like a pub capital, there are less pubs per capita in Dublin than in any other European capital.

6. Freedom of the City of Dublin

The award of Freedom of the City of Dublin, given to U2 and Nelson Mandela amongst others, allows the recipient to graze their sheep free of charge on St. Stephen’s Green.

7. Century-old traffic light

The oldest traffic light in the city, still in full working order, was installed in 1893 in Clontarf, in front of the former house of the first car owner in the country.

8. Free drinks

According to a survey, Dubliners are far more likely to buy a drink for a stranger than locals in any other city in Ireland.

9. Thousand year-old pub

The oldest pub in Dublin, the Brazen Head, seems to be dating back ‘only’ to the 18th century (the current building was built in the 1700s), but actually there was a pub at the site for the past 1000 years!

10. It’s illegal to be drunk in Dublin

Not everywhere, but in public it is illegal as of last year, and the police can issue fines if they catch you drunk on the street.

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